Friday, November 2, 2007

Showing Fuzzies again

There are a lot of rabbit shows in District 2, especially in California. For example, last weekend, on Saturday, Oct 27 there was a youth only show in the southern part of the state and on Sunday, Oct 28, there was youth and open show in the northern part (Napa).

Congratulations to Jennifer Henderson who won BOB with two different broken senior bucks in the youth show "down south" (See one of her winners in Photo 1). It was a very good showing of Fuzzies from the youth. It was good to see Dylan B there with his nice Fuzzies (Photo 2 is Dylan with the "hair" and his friend). The show was held in the gymnasium of a school.

At the show in Napa, all Fuzzies were shown in open and the numbers were relatively small. The quality was good though! A broken senior buck Fuzzy Lop owned by Adam and Carol G won Best in Show in show A. Reserve in Show was an English Angora owned by Betty C (Photo 3). In show B, Betty C took BIS with the same rabbit, while Melissa M won RBIS with a mini satin.
Have fun at this weekend's shows and send the results so we can post next week.

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