Sunday, November 25, 2007

What do we do now that the turkey is gone?

The turkey was digested and the dishes washed, so Saturday, November 24, Calfornia rabbit faithful headed to Lodi, for a show. This show is generally fairly crowded, but that helps keep everyone warm on a cool autumn day. Mary H, Jackie C and Jenny H are still wrapped in jackets early in the day.

Adam G came to California for the Thanksgiving holiday but he still had to study medical ethics between showing Fuzzies.
Christina G and Susie C are loading Fuzzies in the coops between classes and took time to smile for the camera.

No that isn't a Fuzzy Lop! Judges Keelyn H and Carol G pose with Betty C and her Best In Show Angora.

Show results were:
Open Show A (Judge Keelyn Hanlon)
BOB Solid senior doe, Adam & Carol Green
BOSB Broken senior buck, Christina Gillett
Youth Show A
BOB Broken senior buck, Jennifer Henderson

Open Show B (Judge Scott Williamson)
BOB Solid senior buck, Christina Gillett
BOSB Broken senior doe, Adam & Carol Green
Youth Show B
BOB Broken senior buck, Jennifer Henderson
BOSB Solid senior doe, Jennifer Henderson

Fuzzies on the move

It is so much fun to open an email and learn that a rabbit I bred is doing well at shows somewhere else in the country. Deb L wrote today and said: "Just wanted to let you know that AK's Diaphora won BOB Fuzzy at the show I went to yesterday. There were only about 25-30 shown. We had a new exhibitor from SD who bought Fuzzies at Convention. Lindsay won BOS. I only showed Percy (!), Diaphora and the 2 I got from Muriel. The doe I got from Muriel won BOSG, which is very nice also." Last week, Diana H wrote to tell me that AK's Tucker, a buck I brought to her at Convention, won BOB over about 50 Fuzzies. The winning is not all one way though. I got a doe, Towne's Jorja, from Lou T and Nate B, and Jorja won BOB last weekend here in California. She won again this weekend and was in serious contention for Reserve Best in Show. It is fun to win, and almost as much fun to help others win!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Three times the fun

Jennifer Burns and Sandi Meadows both of District 6 meet this weekend

Charlene Everette and Jennifer Burns hold their BOB and BOS rabbits from Show C

Helen Moore (BOV), Jennifer Burns (BOB), Dr. Steve Roush (judge), Ginger Mendat (BOS), Sandi Meadows (BOSV) in Show B

This is District Six reporting in from Conyers , GA where Fuzzies made a great showing in a triple event hosted by the Decatur RBA. There were 66 fuzzies shown, representing 4 states – Virginia , North Carolina , South Carolina , and Florida .

It was great to see everyone again. Because it was a triple show, many of us came up the night before, and then started the day early. We had a long day, but as always, it was great fun. A few bunnies were traded between friends. Shopping for supplies happened in between shows. And, stories were traded about upcoming litters and future show plans. The only downside to the whole weekend was the stay at the host hotel. But even this added to the event because everyone had a humorous tale about their evening. One group had the adventure of being transferred to their third room before settling down due lack of heat or a working telephone. Another reported unexpected guests of the 6 legged type. And still another unfortunately was rooming beside a “working girl’s office”. Oh well, at least we all had something to talk about!!! A long, full day was shared by all of us. After hugs goodbye before the long journey home, I couldn’t help but think that Saturdays like this one reminded me why I all enjoy our hobby so much. Here’s to hoping you enjoy these pictures. My favorite is the one of the four of us!

Show A Mendat/Moore won both BOB and BOS

Show B Jennifer Burns BOB - Senior Broken Doe
Mendat/Moore BOS – Senior Broken Buck

Show C Charlene Everett BOB – Senior Broken Buck
Jennifer Burns BOS -Senior Broken Doe

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fuzzies in Fresno

Pictured above: 1) Jennifer H, Katie R, and Susie C in Fresno; 2) Jonathan W and friend; 3) Katie R strikes a pose; 4) Mary H and her winners; 5) Jennifer H and Oliver.

On Saturday, November 10, California Rabbit and Cavy Shows held a nice show in Fresno. The weather was mild and the Fuzzies were in full coat (finally!).

In both youth shows, Jennifer H's Fuzzies took BOB and BOSB. Her mom, Mary H, won BOB and Katie R won BOSB in both open shows. Congratulations to all of you.

For those who may not have thought about it, California is a big state. Its more than 500 mi from top to bottom and we can have more than one show in the state on any given weekend. The most popular shows though tend to be in the middle of the state, e.g. in Stockton or Fresno, which are both located in the central valley of California near Highway 99 and I5 (freeways that run north and south). Next weekend, we have another show in Stockton and I expect a great turnout of Fuzzies at that show.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The First is the Best

Jacob Durda and his Fuzzy Lop GC Boomer pose with the Reserve Best in Show trophy from a recent Youth show in Berea, OH show. Jacob's mom reports this was his first RBIS and he was very excited.
Every win is exciting and fun, but there is something extra special about a first time big win--whether its your first class win at a local show or Best in Show at Convention (OK, that one might be a little more memorable!). It is especially satisfying to realize that others recognize the hard work that you have put into your animals!
Congratulations Jacob and enjoy your win.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Scandinavian American Fuzzy Lops???

Time to heap the congratulations on Those Norwegian Girls, Diana K and Muriel K, whose blue Fuzzy Lop, Nils (also Norwegian, ya know), won Best in Show yesterday in Oregon. It was Diana's first BIS ever, so it brought out a few tears of joy! The judges were Nita Boatman and George Germaine. It was a first for Nita too, who said she had never selected a Fuzzy for BIS in 30 years. Nils was also selected best in a Master Breeder class. Ahhhh what a handsome Fuzzy!

Have you noticed how well Fuzzies are doing on the Best in Show table?

Friday, November 2, 2007

Showing Fuzzies again

There are a lot of rabbit shows in District 2, especially in California. For example, last weekend, on Saturday, Oct 27 there was a youth only show in the southern part of the state and on Sunday, Oct 28, there was youth and open show in the northern part (Napa).

Congratulations to Jennifer Henderson who won BOB with two different broken senior bucks in the youth show "down south" (See one of her winners in Photo 1). It was a very good showing of Fuzzies from the youth. It was good to see Dylan B there with his nice Fuzzies (Photo 2 is Dylan with the "hair" and his friend). The show was held in the gymnasium of a school.

At the show in Napa, all Fuzzies were shown in open and the numbers were relatively small. The quality was good though! A broken senior buck Fuzzy Lop owned by Adam and Carol G won Best in Show in show A. Reserve in Show was an English Angora owned by Betty C (Photo 3). In show B, Betty C took BIS with the same rabbit, while Melissa M won RBIS with a mini satin.
Have fun at this weekend's shows and send the results so we can post next week.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

AFL auction in Louisville

Ok Shari made the comment that she thinks we should do this again.
I'm very open to it.
I need to be reminded how we do this. Do we give a percentage to the owner and part to the club?
The last one I remember was in Portland in 1998 and it was kind of a bust if my memory serves me.
However things have changed alot.
Do we also limit the number we have in the auction? There were so many in that JW auction I had to give up! Do we replace the raffle trio with the auction or have both?

Louisville theme

Thanks Lindsay for letting us know the theme.
"Outta the gate in 2008"
Ok so do we all picture little bunnies with numbers on racing down a track? Yes it will be in every booth.
How many of you looked at the booths this year in Grand Rapids? Some of them really were something and I believe it was the Californian booth that won 1st place?
I didn't see that one.
Maybe we can get together in Colorado and see if we want to go all out in Louisville just for the heck of it?
I thought our booth was GREAT this year Sherry did a bang up job with our decorations look at the pictures on this blog. We should have been in the running. We should have won a prize!!
I hope the talented people like Sherry start identifying themselves so we can use you!
Still need a booth chair!!
Kay Pettengill has volunteered to do the banquet for us.