Saturday, October 13, 2007

Sherry is half lit

Remember how we told you its a pain to fly with rabbits? Here is the pile o' angoras and Fuzzy Lops at the Chicago airport, while Carol waits for Betty with the rental car. There was an endless stream of questions "Is that a dog? How many puppies do you have in there? What are you doing with them?" I just kept smiling.

Yes, we made it to Grand Rapids, rabbits, people and all. Friday night Team Muriel (McKenna F, Janice F, and Muriel K) got the rabbits tucked into their coops and then checked into their own rooms by 1 am. Team Carol (Betty C of angoras and Carol G) was a bit later. I was under the covers around 3:30 am. What a looooong day! We slept in this morning, fueled up on coffee and set out for the show room. The day has been one long hike--to the showroom back to the restaurant, then to the showroom, off to the garage, back to the showroom, oops back to the hotel. You get the picture.

Most exhibitors are getting in tonight and tomorrow, so watch for more people pictures tomorrow.

Speaking of pictures:

Sherry C is assembling the AFLRC booth and her string of purple lights were not working (see post title!). Admire the new family next: Shari, Sam and Hunter A. Ahhhh! What a cute kid who looks just like Dad.

So flying rabbits is right up there with a colonoscopy and I recommend it highly. (by the way it is Muriel typing now). We got to the airport on Friday morning and the price to fly a kennel had gone up so it cost 300 bucks round trip. My airfare was not much more then that! I guess next year I will stuff myself in to a kennel and go. We were on the peanut run this time. Remember the old days of getting a full meal on the plane? Well now it is peanut butter crackers or peanuts or a cookie to last you 4 hours.

I sure hope these pilots are getting more than a cookie while flying this plane.....
The venue is beautiful. The Gerald Ford stuff is right by us so we will see all that when we have our banquet. The showroom is very nice and the booths are on the outside of the showroom in an area that has lots of light and right on the river. We are really enjoying our room at the Amway Grand in the Victorian Section of the Hotel. We will send pictures of the room next time around so we are going to go to bed and get some sleep since we are all goofed up with the time change. We are both on West Coast time still.
Stay with us for the next few days.....
Carol and Muriel

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Steph said...

Man! I wish I was there! Sounds like you all are having some fun in all the hecticness! Sorry I won't be at the board meeting today. I wanted to see you all again, but guess it has to wait till next time around! :-( I want to be there so bad that I think I'll spend the whole day out at the barn trying to get some rabbits bred! Lately that has been a big chore for me, since my bucks suddenly don't like to do their duty! Oh well, hope you all have fun. Good luck at the show tomorrow. I'll be checking back for updates!